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26. September 2009

english texts

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  • Otto Mühl and the spirit of Viennese operetta. Fantasy for a libretto. (read)
  • Count von Count. A life lived in number.
    (In Germany this marvellous vampire is called „Graf Zahl“) In: Frieze 77 / 2003.
  • Vincente B. Ballestar. The pulp paintings of Vincente B. Ballestar. In: frieze 154 / 2013.

Interview with Sarah Khan to Dino-Porn E-Book topic

in Exberliner June 2014, issue 128

Sarah Khan, writer and female erotica expert, on the popularity of that hot dino-on-girl action.

Who reads dino porn?

Many women! Mostly women, I am sure. They like the privacy of the e-book reader and they like non-hardcore stimulation from a proper narrative – a funny romance with a sexy touch.

So Kindle allows you to be more private about your readings?

Yes… who knows what’s actually on your screen when you turn it on? Only the NSA and Google and maybe Facebook know what you really like, but not your children! I heard many stories from men about how they once sat in a train opposite a woman who was reading Fifty Shades of Grey, and how terribly uncomfortable they felt. This wouldn’t happen with a Kindle.

What’s the difference between women and men when it comes to e-erotica?

Very simple: e-erotica for women is told from a female perspective, not from a male point of view. That makes a big difference. Take a story about a woman in a train looking for a quickie: it’s about seduction and what turns her on, how she opens his trousers and what his dick looks like. There is overall a new trend of erotica for women – including the new mummy porn. It’s all about heterosexual women celebrating sex – and a very athletic sex life with many partners and surroundings… But in the end, there is ALWAYS romance and marriage with Mr. Right.

How do you explain dino porn’s current success?

Dino porn or alien porn has been available since authors and publishers found out there won’t be any censorship on these stories. Weird sex with human beings or even with animals is always prone to scrutiny. You can abuse or kill an alien or a dinosaur – who cares?

After aliens and dinosaurs, what’s the future of e-erotica for women?

If I may guess: they will fuck themselves to death and return as zombies who will start a revolution, and then… at that point I would really be interested what happens next. But based on the patterns of female genre novels as I know them, even the zombies will have a nice little marriage in the end.

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